The number of distinct colours that a piece of hardware or software can display. Super 7 motherboards offer all the features of Slot 1 motherboards, but with a socket instead of a slot. Built on a 0. In contrast, the current TNT drivers work very well. The V comes with a CD-booklet sized Installation Guide and has the rest of its documentation on the driver disc. I won’t elaborate on this mentioned issue but on something more special

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If a manufacturer isn’t viper v550 to make a bold statement that separates them from the competition, as consumers, we are given the right to be picky, so let’s get to the nit-picking. Log in Don’t have an account? The effectiveness of this approach is viper v550 question, however all numbers aside, on paper, the TNT took its time shaping itself to be a true winner.

Big numbers If you’ve got a fast CPU, the TNT chipset gives you very fast, very good-looking 3D, 2D far faster than anyone needs, and supports ludicrously high resolutions.

The latest news is of a “pre-beta” uh, that would be an alpha, right? In the higher resolutions and bit depths remember, Voodoo cards can’t even do 32 bit colour in 3D the V’s score on the Massive1 multiplayer demo is close to its score on the standard demo2 test, and its minimum framerate, as reflected by the brutal Crusher demo, is also right up there. Viper v550 already seen what Canopus can do with nVidia’s Riva TNT Chipset, so let’s see viper v550 Diamond draws the line and let’s see if they accomplish their goal in convincing some of you to purchase the Viper V over the competition.

But otherwise, buy a TNT card. The Diamond drivers offer only basic display controls. A pity viper v550 that the TNT chip is not attached with a heatsink. A snake looks-a-like roller coaster creature is the main viper v550 here.

Remember, the screen resolution of even a really good television set is less than by viper v550 the tube quality is not nearly as high. Viper v550 what is this card actually capable of? With your television showing you only by or so and no more than 25 frames per second, you might as well be using a Voodoo 1 card like Canopus’ Pure3D, which also has video out.

So here they are:. It must also do it at a reasonable refresh rate. Matrox’s Viper v550 has been much more seriously hogtied by terrible drivers ever since its release.

Installation – Diamond Viper V

On my MHz overclocked Celeron, the Viper was as fast in by 16 bit colour as my old Voodoo Graphics Voodoo 1 card was in by No part of the above is to be reproduced, copied or modified without the permission of the WebMaster.

If you remember the comparison between virtually any vkper Voodoo2 viper v550, it vuper came down to a comparison of software viper v550 or drivers. The image quality difference is not a large vi;er in Quake 2 you have to look hard to see the vague banding on walls in order to tell you’re in 16 bit mode, and in a real game you don’t have viper v550 time for that.

You can’t use your TV and monitor simultaneously, though, and the TV Out part of the V driver is deeply flaky, with controls you can’t use, and an viper v550 button that only seems to work once per Windows session.

Review: Diamond Viper V graphics card

viper v550 InControl Vviper has no Vspecific features; it lets you switch screen resolution and colour depth quickly, but there are umpteen programs that do that. More Benchmarks results will be added latter in the week.

Only after entering the Advanced Display Settings window can the Diamond-specific modifications be accessed. MS DirectX Version 6. MS Windows 98 Build 4. And if you’ve got a slower computer – anything under a Pentium II – the TNT’s full benefits viper v550 not be available to you.

Diamond Viper V550 graphics card

Diamond’s Viper v550 board is not the fastest implementation of the chipset, but all of ’em are much the same hardware-wise. What v5550 recommended is at least viper v550 MHz processor, running at high resolution. Comments or suggestions, please direct to usand check out how you can advertise with us and target your products and service to computer buyers. Direct3D games choose their own colour depth, and may or may not be switchable between 16 and 24 bit mode.

Does much the same thing as Direct3D and Glidebut does it on any computer you care to name. You can make Direct3D mode barely tolerable by turning off much of the pretty-stuff, cutting sound quality and using a lower resolution, but viper v550 might as well use software viper v550. All viper v550 version are unable to be disclosed due to the fact that this review is based on a card that is viper v550 yet launch worldwide and will only be announced when it’s launched soon.

I cannot imagine how a chip that’s packed with a Pentium II look-alike transitors not have even a small heatsink, when the P-II heatsink are of such large size. For Quake 2, by is as high as I’d care to go on my MHz machine.