Follow us on Twitter globetechnology Opens in a new window. Normal graphics is supported through the i driver, but if you want to have dri you need to get xfree4. Black gets negated and such. In order to address them and use them and the thinkpad button use this tool: I thought everything would work under linux. Someone had a really nice idea:

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The Real Estate Market.

IBM ThinkPad R31 Notebook Windows 98, , XP Drivers, Software | Notebook Drivers

The most relevant site I think is this one here: The machine is solid, has a very good keyboard, the stick works really well and the sound also sounds nice. Since the battery is not that longlasting these thinkpad r31 are important. Ethernet driver for Thinkpad r31 NT 4.

The harddrive is also quiet. I count apm and acpi things to this section. Development ideas for the creation of hib files under linux Update from the mailing list concerning acpi Here thinkpad r31 the new output of glxinfo. Registered device irda0 Mar 5 The upper one hasn’t and is also blocked at the very entrance by some plastik pins. A classic work chip, thinkpad r31 really intended for any fancy multimedia pyrotechnics, the PIII will however handle just any garden-variety sound and music clips without complaining.

Below is my old stuff. Under linux I bound it to xlock, a screen locking thinkpad r31 with screen saver. The Fn key lower left corner is clear I guess. You can get a floppy for the ultra-bay which normally houses the cd drive.

New program which might be helpful Mavric wrote me to say that the folks over at smlink have created a linux driver for their ac97 chip modem. This gets used by a lot of hardware makers and is thinkpad r31 in our baby.

IBM ThinkPad R31 – ” – PIII-M – MB RAM – 40 GB HDD Overview – CNET

See the processor part. The usability is really high with it, only minor things make some tthinkpad, but thinkpad r31 might be attributable to my stupidity or might gotten thinkpad r31 of the way in the future. If your machine has a Pentium III instead you can “speed manage” it from the bios in the power section there is a menu item “speed management”.

Paul Sladen has this comment on how to switch thinkpad r31 the backlight again: If your comment doesn’t appear immediately it has been sent to a member of our moderation team for review.

Even more Info about how to get s-video working with nvtv with some hints. Mine hung when I tried it but thats maybe because I use a boot-up password. Now I have a small compact read-write removable device at thinkpad r31.

This works quite ok, as long as you only try thinkpad r31 suspend or blank the screen. I got myself a MB usb memory stick which plays thinkpad r31 nicely sort of with the machine.

I thought everything would work under linux. Have to test that some time.

IBM ThinkPad R31

A good buy for linux! Update how to get the irda to work! Actiontec combo card modem driver for Windows – ThinkPad R I thought about a thinkpad r31 hdd, but later maybe.