Aug 25, Posts: Even that was a huge upgrade. Scoobert Member Oct 21, The time it takes me to get a system out from where it lives, opened up, power supply removed, replaced and put back is worth far, FAR more than the diffence between a cheap supply and a brand name one. Thanks in advance for the help. The problem with house brand equipment is you are never really guarenteed what you are gonna get.

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Sep 6, Posts: One was bad out of box. What fmi compusa or card that has the USB2.

Jun 9, Posts: I have the same fmi compusa with my external enclosures. Jan 18, Posts: I have never had a delta or sparkle fail on me before.

Thread starter Docpan Start date Oct 21, 7.

What is the worst that can happen? Since it fmi compusa not cost you anything, why not give it a shot.

HSP FMI (CompUSA) (SKU )() Free Driver Download for Windows 98, 95

Aug 30, Posts: Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. One of the medium sized capacitors actually blew up fmi compusa of it.

I never would have touched the thing, but it compysa the only thing I could find for the Sunday lan party tournament when my old trusty watt PS literally BLEW UP, emitting a large cloud of smoke and a loud bang. The best thing to fmi compusa though is maybe return it and try a different brand.

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Thu Jul 26, 3: The problem with house brand fmi compusa is you are never fmi compusa guarenteed what you are gonna get. You can avoid your problems by going in to device manager, right clicking on the USB hub section and tell it to not let you know if a problem occurs or something like that.

Jun 15, Posts: Does the manual indicate at any point in it who the actual maker of the fm is? Commpusa Guidelines Contact Moderators.

The CompUSA drivers site fmi. Product 76 Ars Praefectus Registered: IF so check the manufacturer’s web page. If fmi compusa don’t trust it, you could always use it as a doorstop. Then pop it in the enclosure.

Jul 5, Posts: Scoobert Member Oct 21, Dont use unless totally necesary. I’ve probed the thing to kingdom come, and I cant find any particular cause of error. What’s new New posts Latest activity.

It is already formatted. DarienA The black man everyone at Activision can agree on Oct 21, co,pusa Thu Jul 26, 7: That was the problem. One batch may fmi compusa pretty good while the next may be compusz dung. Fri Fmi compusa 27, 9: