Want to hide this ad? It was a decision I had thought about for over a year. That being said…the Rapture and the G10 I also had the G10 were pretty damn neutral and good enough for former world number 1 Lee Westwood. The G20s come in 3 iron to lob wedge or you can blend in the excellent G20 hybrid instead of the long irons. It also came down at 30degrees, the optimum for roll out.

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Posted 24 October – Bubba certainly has faith is his potatoe masher. Everyone outdrives me but none of my golf buddies is as consistant. When a driver is capable of lowering your handicap, you know you have something special. Just tell me how different is the Ping5 from the Ping10?

I’d love to try the G20, but I’ll be happy with my current stable for now until the G20 comes down in price to try one out. If you found this review and others useful, please consider making a cash donation to help support MyGolfSpy compare ping g15 and g20 a contribution to our Club Recycling Program.

Ping G10 vs Ping G15 vs Ping G20 Driver Comparison

I really like the K Hit the ball all over the map, but crank one 15 yards longer and the golfer’s mind goes haywire and assumes he’s got the longest driver of the year in his hands. It didn’t, in part due to the fact that it’s stupid long. Compare ping g15 and g20 be sure to confirm the serial number with Ping to ensure its authenticity. I called my club pro, the ping rep, and ping cust service and to no avail.

I am hoping mygolfspy tests the Razr Fit soon.

Yesterday I hit a few shots with a G20 at the driving range. Tried a G20 in 8. BogeyDylan 22 years old.

O to the HI O Handicap: From G10 – G15 – G I have been losing so compare ping g15 and g20 strokes to penalty and out of bounds from slices from the tee box. Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box? Signing up is freeand you’ll see fewer ads and can talk with fellow golf enthusiasts!

John Bachman 4 years ago. Jerry 6 years ago. The 6 golfers for whom we collected detailed performance data were asked to hit a series of shots on our 3Track Equipped simulators compare ping g15 and g20 aboutGolf.

Ping G15 irons or G20 – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

I immediately liked this driver when I demoed it. I am a huge traditionalist.

What was your take on the tour vs. We will see how it holds up if I decide to keep it.

In my mind a hard act to follow. I am now back to the RBZ and more content with my driving. G20 and15 could be a dead heat. I hit more fairways, longer drives and the most surprising are my miss hits, I think I just blew it, however, when I get to my ball I realize I did znd lose that much in compare ping g15 and g20. At the current price, I will probably pick another one up too.

My Saturday group all poked a little fun at me until it came time to divide the money after the round. Nathan 2 years ago.

We’re a long way away from Nike or older composite territory, but once again, I’m more fond of earlier models.