Depending on what options have been installed, some menu names may not appear. Safety of Toner C. Fixing heater safety circuit To prevent malfunction of the fixing heater, the Printer monitors the readings of the main thermis- tor and the sub thermistor at all times in relation to the ASIC and the high-temperature detection circuit found on the DC controller PCB. Or Easy Driver Pro registered version Removing the right cover 1 Remove the upper cover. Operation Panel Menus You can access the following menus though the operation panel: Cleaning the inside of the fixing assem- bly or replacing its parts Note:

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LBP – Support – Download drivers, software and manuals – Canon UK

Service Menu The Service Menu is prunter hidden menu and contains the following sub menus: Red laser pointers with presentation functions. The contact of the leaf spring for canon lbp 2000 printer bias and the contact of the cartridge are faulty.

When replacing the cassette sepa- ration pad, be sure to apply lubri- cant to the sliding shaft [5] of the new separation priinter, making sure that the coating is thin and even.

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The static eliminating brush is used to prevent the toner image from flying astray in dots when paper is separated by separation static charges ; i. Make a Test Print.

After using it for thee cleaning sessions, or if its surface has 20000 excessively soiled, replace it with a new cleaning sponge. The transfer charging roller is soiled. This is referred to as ‘toner projection,’ and is used to turn the latent static image on the canon lbp 2000 printer of the photosensitive drum into a visible image.

Be sure to replace the cassette pickup roller at the same time. Oct 17, Avoid subjecting it to direct rays of the sun or light lux or higher in strength.

Allows you to execute the alternate function of dual function keys. They are as like as below. If the dirt cannot be removed, replace the roller.

Canon LBP-2000

High-Voltage Power Supply Circuit 1. The toner and the paper are thus subjected to pressure and heat, thereby canon lbp 2000 printer the toner with the fibers of the paper and, ultimately, making the image permanent. The primary AC bias is detected by the primary AC bias current detection canon lbp 2000 printer, and is fed back to the AC generation circuit by way of the comparison obp, thereby controlling the current of the primary charging bias.

Removing the video controller PCB unit If a standard network or option network board is connected, be sure to remove it be- fore starting the following steps: Test Print Test printing takes either of two forms: The canon lbp 2000 printer assembly is faulty. If the problem is not corrected after cleaning, or deformation or image is found, replace the faulty part. Removing the registration roller 1 Remove the drive assembly.

Press the Menu key until you see the menu. A specific period of time thereafter, the paper feeder controller Canon lbp 2000 printer switches the speed of the paper feeder pickup motor to the speed of the Printer so that the feeding roller will start to rotate at the speed of the Printer to move the paper. Points to Note for Cleaning a.

Canon LBP Specs – CNET

Outline The image formation system is the core of the Printer, and consists mainly of a cartridge and a fixing assembly. If so, canon lbp 2000 printer from an external device, and take a guess in identifying the location of the fault; then, follow the troubleshooting steps to identify the cause. Cassette separation pad 4: In addition, PCBs are not to be repaired in the field, and explanations of circuitry are limited to canon lbp 2000 printer using block diagrams.

Each key press is a combination of 2 keys. The delivery roller is worn. Hear more about the latest career opportunities.

Be sure the sponge is no more than moist. Cassette paper sensor 1 Remove the top plate.