Focusrite finally release Windows drivers for Clarett Interfaces. I suppose they will release one equivalent to the mk2 in due time. They are right up my street in terms of form factor and functionality. So this is only for Windows 10? Hey we’re audio company with heritage of digital converter design.. Originally Posted by Roget.

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There is quite a few guys, who already have some existing interface, but looking for apogfe upgrade and additional classy 2×6 converter apogee windows be apogee windows addition to their rig. Lack of Windows drivers for Apogee devices is beyond understanding at this point. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Originally Posted by msmucr.

Registration for Quartet (Windows) – Thank You! – Apogee Electronics

As a Windows user, I have long coveted Apogee products. We’re not totally Windows-adverse we have a simple Windows driver for the Groove, for example. But now that they are within apogee windows grasp why am I not as excited as perhaps I should be? Thanks for your time! Wpogee gotten this request a fair amount and it’s on our wishlist, but I don’t want to make any apogee windows promises.

Apogee windows seems Apple decided to give up and left the pro market a while ago. So this is only for Windows 10?

Windows 10 Compatibility for Apogee ONE, Duet and Quartet Audio Interfaces

This does feel a bit like they are trying to shift boxes rather than opening up their awesome products to new markets and opportunities. That’s the only explaination I can come up with What would be very interesting to me, is if they made it Windows compatible!

I’ve seen that many times before. It’s a shame they don’t make pc drivers, winows that’s apogee windows it was such a godsend that MOTU produced the apogee windows identically performing to the mk1 avb line.

Focusrite finally apogee windows Windows drivers for Clarett Interfaces. Experienced devs, with enough experiences for particular platform subtleties aren’t cheap and outsourcing doesn’t always ends as success story. Originally Posted by Roget.

Notify of new replies to this comment apogee windows off. Yeah would be great if the MKII worked stand alone via adat! Page 1 of 2.

Already have an account? I always prefer a tabletop audio interface, and those big silver apogee windows and the OLED display are awesome. Please click here to read apogee windows. Apogee revamps Ensemble Thunderbolt audio interface with new control app.

Registration for ONE (Windows) – Thank You! – Apogee Electronics

Originally Posted by DonSpacht. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. It seems like a stand alone converter option would apogee windows the best thing for clients apogee windows want to use the MK2 with a PC.

Standalone mode for the 8×8 and 2×6 modules is one of those “we’d like to do it but not sure when apogee windows be able to make spogee situations this is shaping up to be an exceptionally busy year for our product design team.

I just want to formulate few personal thoughts Good apogee windows, Michal P. Apple is not supporting the pros.

Funny, I said just that in Click here to login. I hope, it won’t bother you.

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